Physical Education

Fall Units

• Soccer • Ultimate Football • Speed Away

Winter Units

• Basketball • Volleyball • Badminton • Pickleball

Spring Units

• Rookie Rugby • Kickball • Lifetime sport activities

Alternate/ BOC Activities

• Flag football • Capture the flag • Project adventure activities • Hand ball • Floor hockey • Indoor soccer • Thuke ball • Omni ball activities

• Pin attack • Castle ball

Fitness Activities

• Various running activities • Three station fitness • Line fitness • Medicine ball relays

Student Expectations

Students are expected to be prepared for class every day and participate to the best of their ability. Proper PE attire includes sneakers, a change of athletic shorts or sweatpants with PE shirt.

We will also include a combination of socially distant, safe and fun activities that get our students moving. Some examples will be walking, Kan Jam, Nok-Hockey, Cornhole, Kickball, Pickleball, Ping Pong etc.

Weekly Grading Rubric for All Physical Education Classes

P.E. Rubric 18-19